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Living in the Not Yet - Luke 18:1-8

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Preacher: Brandon Ryan

The Benediction has been included in the recording (from The Valley of Vision). In addition, the questions on prayer from the sermon are written below.

1.) Do we repeat a request because we think that the quality of a prayer is dependent on the quantity of words?

2.) Do we repeat a request because we think that God is ignorant and needs to be informed, or if not ignorant at least he is unconcerned and therefore needs to be aroused?

3.) Do we repeat our prayers because we believe that God is unwilling to answer and we must prevail upon him, somehow transforming a hard-hearted God into a compassionate and loving one?

4.) Do we repeat a petition because we think that God will be swayed in his decision by our putting on a show of zeal and piety, as if God cannot see through the thin veil of hypocrisy?”

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